Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rai, Rain, And More Rain

  There has been rain, rain and more rain in the last week.  So much the the ground is pretty saturated.  And on top of that there was a little snow as the result of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy.  Before writing the newsletter the temps have been in the 40's and 50's which actually make it pretty nice when working outside.  Hopefully with this weather our fall crops will be producing very well.  Broccoli, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, Swiss chard, spicy greens, radishes, and turnips are all being harvested now.
In last weeks boxes there were some onions that were bad on the inside.  Andy says he is not sure what caused it.  And he will be doing a more thorough check when adding them to the boxes from now on.  Please remember that there really is no way to see what is going on inside and onion from the outside.   Andy could throw them all away but does not really want to do that because you take a chance of throwing perfectly good onions away.  We just need to remember that this is part of the CSA.  Andy and Lizzie do their best and they want us to only get the best for the CSA.  But if you don't know, and can't tell by looking at the outside...I just removed the bad part and used the rest,  It was fine.

Update on Moses:  Things are healing well with his left hand almost back to normal.  His right had is slower in the recovery.  He actually lost part of his index finger, which is so sad.  But considering all things, they are very thankful that ietdidn't turn out a lot worse.   They are hopeful that the rest of his hand will heal nicely.

I hope I can remember it all...spaghetti squash, Swiss chard, garlic, sweet potatoes, beets, green peppers, broccoli and radishes.

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