Sunday, April 26, 2015

Everything Is Coming Up Beautifully

We made a trip to the farm way back in March and I just realized that I hadn't written anyting about it.  And there are lots of things to tell.
John has all the green house up and running...meaning there are plants coming up in every one and the chickens have been doing their thing in the other.
Plantings include...
two plantings of tomatoes
sugar snap peas
Swiss chard
three kinds of lettuce

Chinese cabbage

This month in April the plantings will be...

more tomatoes
spicy greens
green beans

The boys wanted to grow some corn.  So they did, one kernel.

This is the water tank on the inside of the greenhouse that is closest to the house.

This is John's version of  'The Germinator'.

I am looking really forward to eating some of these snap peas!
Also I just got word that the Spring and Summer Shares are SOLD OUT.  Not to worry is you still want to be a part of the CSA there are Summer and Fall Shares still available.