Monday, April 30, 2012

New Calf

Spring for sure is the time of new birth.  Not only do we see green springing up from the garden...but Albert was born.  I am sure the is a more farm friendly word but born is all I can come up with.  Andy and Lizzie also have a crate full of new chickens (for their use).

Sunday, April 29, 2012


On my last visit to Cedarmore, Lizzie and I were walking the fields and talking about all kinds of things and we noticed that the momma goat, Kathy, had just a few minutes before given birth to triplets!  You could see the umbilical cords were still attached to the babies.  One was really wobblie.  I asked about names for the triplets but they haven't been named yet.  I hope that is not a sign for what is in store for them.  We stayed on this side of the creek because momma was a little nervous.  While daddy, Mile, stood proudly at the top pf the hill looking down at us.  I can hardly wait to see them the next time I go visit.  I pray that they have names by now.  I came ever so close to taking one home.  Maybe someday I will get a little goat that I have dreamed of having...someday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

More Good News

Just got word that the Spring and All Seasons Shares are sold out!  This is great news for Cedarmore!  Also the deadline for the Summer and Fall Shares is now June first.  Sign up now...please don't be left in the dust of all the others that are taking advantage of  organically grown produce that is out of this world.  And they have other goodies to share also.  Check it out!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Looking Ahead

I got word from Andy that he is thankful for all those that have signed up for the 2012 CSA season.  Things are looking green and growing very nicely with the weather that we have been having and the little rain today is a nice thing.  The lettuce, kale, chard (my favorite), broccoli, Chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, radishes, spinach, mixed greens, onions and potatoes are all planted out.  Some of it is under row covers to protect it from the cold nights and some of the cold hardy stuff is not covered.  The tomatoes in the greenhouse are already blooming.  These should be ready sometime in June, so get ready...and keep your fingers crossed about the weather for them.  This year one of Andy and Lizzie's neighbors is growing the zucchini.  He has already started it in the greenhouse and they are hoping to put them in the boxes sometime in May.  And as all the farmers that grow for the CSA, they use organic growing methods.

There have been a few questions... 

When we can expect our first pick-up?
     Spring Share is the first week of June through the first full week of July
     Summer Share is the second full week of July through the last full week of September
     Fall Share is the first week of October through the first full week of December
     All Season Share is the first week of May through the first full week of December

How does it work if you need to miss a pick-up?
    If you are going to be out-of-town or are unable to pick up you share on you specific day, please           notify us and we will double up the following week...or make arrangements with your pick-up location to schedule a time for you to pick-up.  We want to do everything we can to insure that everyone gets their produce, eggs, and canned or baked goods.

To make pick-ups easier...

When you go to your pick-up location to pick up your CSA box, eggs, or whatever else you have to pick-up, please take time to be sure to pick up your stuff and leave the other people's stuff there.  The boxes are clearly marked with customer's name and pick-up location.  It can cause a lot of confusion and problems if you accidentally pick up someone else's box.  If you are having someone else pick up your box please explain to them that the names are clearly marked on each box and to be sure what they are picking up.

We do ask that you, every week to bring your empty box, jars, berry boxes, and egg cartons from the previous week.  Please take a little extra time to flatten the box so it can be stacked neatly on the porch and in the driver's van.  They take up way less space if we can do this and it saves the driver a little time.  Besides helping us keep costs down, returning containers for reuse helps lesson the impact on the environment.

If there are any other questions, please contact us.

Things Are Greening Up

Deadline for the All season Share is now May 1.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Pasture Range Egg Share

Looks like the chickens have taken to their new hen house.  Did you know that you don't need a rooster if you just want to eggs to eat?

Carpeted floor and nice feet viewing area.

One of the many beauties that will be happily participating in the Egg Share this season.

While I was visiting and catching up on what is going on around the farm, Lizzie, Anna, and I went to gather me some eggs.  Fresh out of the hen house.  Anna climbed right in and started gathering them.  Did you know if you don't gather the eggs on a daily basis the hens get a little upset that you are not taking advantage of their hard work and they will stop laying?  We even found some eggs that had been laid in the grass outside the hen house.

We are planning to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  And Lizzie is confident that the two over sized eggs will have double yolks in them.

The Pasture Range Egg Share is available each week with you Spring/Summer/Fall/All Season Share for $3.50 a week.  And I just have to let you know that there is nothing better than these eggs.  They yolks are as yellow as the yellow of a sunflower and the taste is like no other.

Recipe Of The Week...Egg Stuffed Tomaotes

Egg Stuffed Tomatoes
6 large tomatoes
6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/3 cup mayonnaise
3/4 cup of diced celery
2 Tablespoons of chopped parsley

With a sharp pointed knife, make zig zag cuts about one third of the way down from the top of the tomato all around the circumference of the tomato: remove the top and reserve.  Carefully scoop out the pulp (save pulp for other uses).  Sprinkle tomato shells lightly with salt and pepper and set aside.  Combine remaining ingredients and fill tomato shells, piling the egg mixture high.  Serve on a lettuce lined platter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Clarification

It has come to our attention thru emails to Cedarmore, that there is a little confusion about the length of shares and the prices..  When reading the new changes please understand that the people that have already signed up for the full 32 week all will get the entire 32 weeks.  The season has not been shortened.  The change in season length is only for the shares sold after March 14th. 

Now are you ready for this.....The extended deadline for the spring and all season shares has been changed to April 14th.  I know you are wondering , just as I am, why all the changes in deadlines?  I guess we could better understand it all if we were all farmers.  Andy needs to get a 'sooner' idea about how many shares he will have to plan for and then how much he is going to need to plant.  It makes perfect sense to me now that someone has explained it to me.  To put it in 'English terms', it's like answering an RSVP for a party.  The host needs to make sure that he/she has prepared enough food for all the guests.

I am looking for to my first box.  It can't come soon enough!