Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally Back On Track

We were hit really hard with four different sicknesses over the last few weeks.  I didn't lift myself off the couch for an entire week.  The flu, a sinus infection, a virus, and the creeping crud.  (For the one that refuses to go to the doctor to get well it might take a few more weeks.)

We got a newsletter from the farm who knows when...I just opened it this morning.  Also in the letter was all the information about this years CSA.  I will be filling it out and sending it in as soon as I can.  I don't want to miss out.

You wouldn't think there would be too much going on in the winter at the farm.  Maybe just their regular chores like milking the cow and feeding the other farm animals.  I am sure the wood stove is pumping out the heat and Andy and the family are cozy warm.

Here's something to wrap our Englisher minds around...Andy is thinking about fixing and insulating are room in the basement to store away ice for the winter.  If it works out they will be able to refrigerate their food next summer. Once the room gets fixed up (who knows what that means) he will have to figure out how to get the ice.  The old timers would get their ice from the ponds but Andy has another idea.  He will take the old CSA boxes and line them with plastic then fill them with water.  They will then go on the front porch where they will freeze.  If the weather cooperates and they hae a weeks of cold weather they should gets blocks of ice.  The last step would be to takes these ice blocks and stack them in the 'ice room'.  If all goes right they will hae ice to last throughout the summer.  I can hardly wait to see if this idea works.  And to think all I hae to do it walk to the freezer and open the door.  So spoiled I am!

Now is the time to sign up for next years CSA.  I know that last years members hae already been mailed an order form.  If you need on you can email the farm