Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Waiting And Hopeful

Found out that my laptop needs a new hard drive and it should be back on the kitchen table by the weekend.  I am trying to post from an iPad...hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Still unable to download any pictures.

Everyone is busy on the farm cleaning up from this year and actually planting garlic aboard next year.  I think I might try to grow some here like they do on the farm...find the best cloves and break up the sections and then just shoving them in a hole and covering them up.  Sounds so simple.  If I am lucky each clove will grow into a garlic bulb.  I will let you know.

I am so glad that Andy let us know about Moses...Moses (18 months old) wandered into the pasture where the pigs are kept.  It was a freak accident that happened so quickly.  Moose, Anna and Dennis had been playing under supervision.  Somewhere along the line Moses climbed under the gate...which is the only place he could have gotten in.  They discovered him missing and went searching for him.  When they found him his little hands had already been chewed by the pigs.  He also had a small gash on the left side of his head.  They ended up in the NationWide Children's Hospital in Columbus from Friday until Monday.  Dr. Maya Spaeth, a very good plastic and reconstruction surgeon, was the doctor on the case.  And Andy and Lizzie were very satisfied with the care they received.  A week after the accident, Moses is recovering well.  The doctor gave them permission to use their B&W salve and burdock leaves on his wounds.  The burdock leaves work very well to relieve his pain and reduce some of the swelling.  Moses has had some restless nights and lets everyone know that he doesn't lie to have his bandages changed.  He seems to be doing well and doesn't seem to have a lot of pain.  Andy looks back and knows that it could have been a lot worse and he is very thankful that it wasn't.  Please pray for the family.  Andy will keep us updated with Moses progress.

carrots, turnips, onions, green peppers, squash, garlic

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