Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lizzie's Handiwork

There are lots of behind the scenes things that go on at the farm.  One of them is Lizzie's quilt making.  For as long as I can remember I have been a lover of anything quilted.  I can't tell you the exact time I fell in love with quilts made by Amish hands.  The time before last trip to the farm Lizzie had put new quilts on all the beds.  I asked her if I could share pictures and she said I could...not realizing how special they are.  These quilts are used every day.  They are not just pretty uilts to look.  They have a purpose just like everything else on the farm. 
I know this pattern because I made Cassie and Trevor a Drunkard's Path as a wedding present.  Lizzie made a pillow for one of the kids out of hers.

Dennis already has the book chosen that he wants to read before he takes a nap.

I know that this quilt pattern is actually bigger but Lizzie did the math and cut each piece down to make a smaller sized quilt.

Yesterday while visiting Lizzie, she took this quilt top out that she had already hand quilted and was ready to sew on the binding.  But the binding was added to the backing so all she had to do was double fold it under and blind hem stitch it to finish.  I watched ever so closely and took notes.  One day in her spare time she has promised to teach me how to hand quilt.  It was a good thing she finished it last night because her due date was on the 14th and she looks and feels close to delivery.  I wanted so  badly to spend the night because she said that she thought her time was close.
I will get the news in my CSA box on Tuesday or by snail mail (Andy says that is the Amish way) sometime this week...keeping my fingers crossed.

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