Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seems Like Forever

I was surprised and glad to hear from Andy via Rue via email a few days ago.  CSA members received an email from the farm catching us up on what is happening this winter on the farm.  Even though the CSA isn't actually 'in business', there are still things to do to get ready for the season what will be here before we know it.

All the snow that we have been getting makes it just a little more challenging...more firewood to cut and a little extra care for the animals.  Hopefully all of this cold, freezing weather will freeze out some of the bugs and diseases and there will be last pests to deal with this summer.

Tapping the maple trees will happen permitting.  They are running later with year on account of the cold weather.  They will start gathering sap when the weather changes. You can read about the process here from 2011.

Sign-ups for the upcoming season has been going very well.  And is going on now.  Quite a few have already filled out and sent in paperwork.  This helps plan for the next seasons.  Remember if you would like to take Andy up on his offer of receiving a free subscriptions to Farming Magazine, your All Season Share needs to be in by February 20th.  Don't forget to fill out the form.  If you are new to the CSA and would love to join, please email and ask for the paperwork.
Or you can click here and download and print the info.

Thanks to all you early birds!

Hopefully when the weather breaks I will be able to go out to the farm for a visit.  Viney will probably be walking or maybe even running around the kitchen.  Anna will be reading like a flowing river, and the boys will have extra chorese to be responsible for.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Little Bit Of News

I haven't had chance to visit the farm in such along time.  I hope they don't forget what I look like.

I did get a newsletter from Andy with the Cedarmore Farm CSA info for the new season.  When he was writing there was so on the ground in Hillsboro...that could have been just about any day since the middle of December it seems.  They are predicting another good snow storm tonight and into tomorrow.  I love it but I can only imagine how hard it makes chores on the farm.  I love how he describes the school children enjoying the snow...

'the school children enjoy sledding on the hill here on the farm.  this is a joy for us older people to watch as well (that's funny...they are in the mid to late twenties).  It's just plain beautiful.'

Work has slowed down quite a bit but there are still chickens to tend to, cows to milk, and other animals to feed.  I missed butchering again.  Andy didn't have much luck during deer season so they will be slaughtering one of the cows for beef.  He hopes to get a deer in January during muzzleloader season.

The Andy's are always looking for and researching ways to improve the CSA.  Looking back over the 2013 season they feel that things went well.  They had about 200 boxes go out each week.  Justin and his sons last year had to build a big wooden box for the top of their van to accommodate the families.  I wonder if they might need to purchase a trailer for this year? That would be great!  They are hoping to again have that many members and hopefully pick up a few more.

Prices will stay the same but you might wan to check some of the delivery locations...there were a few minor changes.

An awesome offer this year is if you sign up for an 'All Season Share"  you will receive a free subscription to 'Farming Magazine'.    The entire family can enjoy the magazine about small family farming done right.  It is edited by their friends, David and Elise Kline.  To be able to take advantage of this offer you All Season Share needs to ne to the farm by February 20, 2014.  The idea behind the offer us to encourage everyone to sign up early.  This helps plans for the 2014 season.

Hoping to make a visit in the next few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get the bad weather they are calling for tonight.