Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Love It When The Budget Comes

The Budget is a worldwide Amish-Mennonite newspaper.  It has stories, ads, pictures, book reviews, recipes and news about all the communities.

Get Signed Up For Your Share

Springtime is always an exciting time of the year for everyone at Cedarmore. The sun is shining longer. The grass is getting greener. The trees are budding out. The greenhouse tables are filling up. The weather seems to be improving and everyone at Cedarmore Farm is really looking forward to the 2017 growing season.

They have just finished with planting onions and leeks in the field. Next, they  will direct sow spicy greens, radish, spinach, and arugula seeds. The first plants like sugar snap peas, lettuce, and Chinese cabbage are ready to be planted out, too. Then, there should be kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, and cabbage field-ready soon after. Also, the tomato plants are almost right to be moved from the greenhouse and be planted in the high tunnel.

  In case you haven’t signed up yet we do have a few spring and all season shares left but they will be gone soon. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

If you need to sign-up or have any questions please email Rue and Susan (the English couple that do the Internet stuff) at: