Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Down Time...NOT

It might be a little less busy gardening/farming on the farm but things are buzzing!

Deer gun season opens this week and Andy hopes to be able to spend some time in the woods.  And hopes that he is able to bring some deer meat back for the winter.  I think he likes the time to be able to be in the woods and listen to 'nature'.  I am hoping he gets at least one because i had some of the best deer bologna the last time I visited.  Really don't like venison but the bologna was good...really good.

Sad to report that next week is the last week of the CSA season for this year. (But that doesn't mean the blog will be taking a break.  I have lots of things that I have learned to share in the coming months.)  So if you want to order any extra to tide you over, you need to do it now.  Just email the farm (well, actually Rue and Susan) and they will see that Andy and Lizzie get your order for the last box.  I know that I am getting some maple syrup and jellies...maybe some soap too.  They make great Christmas gifts.  My family thanks me over and over again.  They actually fight over it!

Moses Update...Andy and Lizzie took Moses back to the doctor in Millersburg for another check-up.  The doctor seemed pleased wit they way his little had is healing  up.  There is still some question about his fingertip and how they will heal up.  the treatment they are using is B&W ointment (which is mostly honey) and Burdock leaves has been working very well. (more to come with pictures in a later blog)  The Burdock leaves help relieve the pain and reduce swelling.  They left the hospital three days after the accident and Moses hasn't needed any pain medication and without antibiotics, there is no sign of infection.  And healing is taking place. I will report what I see when I visit the next time which will be in the very near future because....a new addition has finally been added to the family.  I  am thrilled to announce (and I am sure that Andy and Lizzie are more thrilled) that I got a letter in my box announcing the arrival of little 6 pound 11 ounce, 21 inch long baby girl with a full head of dark. Mother and baby are doing fine.  Her name is Lovina Hershberger.  I CAN NOT wait to love on her!  I will give you a full report after my visit...but then again I may not come home!


  1. Lovina not Lorina

  2. Thanks was hard to read Lizzie's handwriting. And I can tell you that she is nmes after Andy's grandmother. I have never heard that name before in the English or Amish world. I love it.


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