Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet The John Zook's

Last Saturday I headed to Pigeon Roost Road in Hillsboro to talk with John and meet Anna and the kids. I needed to get a look at what was going on at Cedarmore and meet my new Amish family.  For some this may be a little confusing so I will try to explain.
John and Anna (Andy Hershberger's twin sister) Zook and their seven children will be taking over the Cedarmore CSA at their farm formally known as Hickory Haven.  Their farm on Pigeon Ridge Road is now Cedarmore CSA.
My GPS found it with no problem and I don't think it will take me anytime at all to remember how to get there...not too many turns.  You can see it from the main road before you turn on Pigeon Ridge Road.

It had snowed in Hillsboro the night before so I really wasn't sure where the driveway was so I just pulled in and parked.  John was on the front porch sweeping in his sock feet.  Anna had already done laundry.

I always like going into an Amish home because it always is so warm, smells so good, and is filled with kids.  The house is almost laid out like The Andy's...just a bit bigger. Same white walls with blue trim and dark blue curtains.  It felt familiar.  And I was glad for that.  And then there were the kids!  All seven of them gathered around the table to look at this crazy English woman that had come to visit.  I had Anna write down all the names and birthdays...sorta like a little cheat sheet for me and a way for me to learn their names quickly.
Ivy who just turned 11 on Monday of this week
Andrew (called Andy) who will be 10 this year in September.
Leah will be 8 in June.
Henry turns a big 7 in October.
Enos (He could be Dennis's twin) will celebrate 5 years on the earth.
Rachel (the shy one) will be three at the end of November this year.
Rhonda will be celebrating her first birthday in mid December this year.
John and Anna are in their mid 30's.

This is one fancy outhouse.  Haven't had the opportunity to visit yet but I am sure the chance will arise during one of my visits when it get warmer outside.  (Too cold for this Englisher)
I was able to get a little information from John and Anna about their background. They moved to Hillsboro from Wayne County about two years ago in April.  They own about 30 acres that includes  6 acres of woods and the rest is pasture and farming.  About 20acres of it could be used for farming but for now not all of that will be used.  John says for as long as he can remember he has been a farmer.  There was a little bit of time that he was away from farming but he came back and has been at it ever since.
We had a nice visit and I got to walk the farm and see the livestock, the greenhouses, the new pond, and again I came away knowing more that I did when I came.  Which is always a good thing.  I'm looking forward to going back soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Day Filled With Laughs And Tears

Yesterday was the day (Jan 12, 2015) that the semis pulled in and were loaded for the haul to MO.  A day that I have been dreading since I read it from a letter Andy sent.  He is a smart man to tell me that way...he knows me well.  The community was there by the time I got there.  Everyone busy as bees.  And I mean everyone.  When I pulled in the littlest boys were carrying boxes and heaving them onto the wagon then the bigger boys would hand them off to the adult men in the back of the semi.  I made a trip to the Vet's office to pick up paperwork for the livestock that will be loaded up today along with the farming things like the greenhouses.  Everything goes!

 Buggies everywhere!  There were at least 20 men loading and that many women in the house packing up.  Then add in about 20 kids all under the age of 6.  School let out early so all the girls and boys from school came to help.  Every young girl had a baby on her hip.  And I was in heaven.  The hustle and bustle all in "Amish"...music to my ears.  One of my jobs at the end of the day, when they were scrubbing the floors, was to keep the little ones occupied.  We sang nursery rhymes, sang church songs in German and my personal favorite...button, button, who's got the button.  And me may have played a few rousing round of I Spy.
If you look really hard while squinting your eyes you can see the first semi pulling out on the main road.  it is right at the edge of the condensation on the left top about 1/4 of the way down.  It was hard to get a shot and not get any Amish in the picture.

 There it is...the house standing alone and all empty.  I did get a chance to talk to the new owners.  They are a really sweet couple and they have two children.  The 4 year old boy speaks better English than lots of the 4 year old English kids I know.  and Cynthia said I could visit anytime I wanted to.  And you know that I will.
We left the farm around 5:30pm for our drive to Dayton to catch the bus.  A really uneventful ride, except for poor car sick Anna.  She had her bucket ready.  I always feel so sorry for her.  They was a group of them that boarded the bus...Andy, Lizzie the kids, Lizzies' parents, Lizzie's younger brother and one of the workers for Andy.  They all are going to MO to help the unpack and set up souse.  Speaking of houses.  Their house isn't ready so they will be living (and all of their stuff) in a pole barn until they can break ground in the spring.
Departs from Dayton at 7:55pm
Arrive in Indy at 9:40 - departs 10;45pm
Arrive in St. Louis 1:40am - departs 3:10am
Arrive in Columbia, MO 5:25am - departs 5:25am
Arrive in Boonville, MO 5:45am - departs 5:45am
Arrive in Kansas City, MO 7:30am - departs 8:00am
Arrive in Harrison, MO 8:00am - departs 8:40am
Arrive in Rich Hill, MO 9:15am - departs 9:15am
Arrive in Nevada, MO 9:35 am
Then from Nevada, MO to Eldarado Springs it is about a 30 car ride or about an 1 1/2 hour buggy ride.
I have been thinking about them all day long and I have a letter in the mail already for pick up tomorrow morning.  I know they will be busy...too busy to write but I wanted them to have some love from home in their new place.
If you would like to drop them a line, their new address is
The Andy H. Hershberger's
266 East 550 Road
Eldorado Springs, MO
I am visiting with John and Anna Zook in two Saturdays and I will get to know them and take some shots of the new digs for Cedarmore Farm CSA.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First News from Cedarmore From John Zook

As many of you know the Hershberger's are moving to MO later this month. 
Andy's sister, Anna and her husband, John Zook, will be taking over the Cedarmore CSA.  The CSA will be located on the Zook farm but will still be called Cedarmore CSA.  A week or so ago we got a letter and a Sign-up sheet in the mail for the up coming CSA season.  If you would like more information please check it out on the blog or email Rue (the English computer wiz that lives down the lane from the old Cedarmore Farm CSA address) and he will send you info on how to join.  Please be prompt in buying your shares.  This helps plan and plant the correct number of plants for the upcoming season.  The deadline dates are listed along with the prices for each share.  John and Anna thank you in advance for your support in the coming year.

Looking ahead for the CSA...John is planning to build a packing shed where they will be packing the CSA boxes each week.  As I understand it thins are getting planted in the greenhouse right now.  The tomatoes are the first to get started.

I am hoping to make a trip out to John and Anna's farm to meet them and see the new digs for the CSA.  I did get word from Andy that the Zook's have welcomed the arrival of another daughter.  I think this makes nine little ones running around.  I will be anxious to meet all of them and check out what they have in store for us in the coming year.