Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recipe Of The Week: Rhubarb Topping

Rhubarb Topping
1 and 1/2 cups of chopped rhubarb
1/4 cup of granulated sugar
1 Tablespoon of water
Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved.  Reduce heat and simmer, uncover, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened and rhubarb is in threads.  Let it cool (Yummy on muffins, vanilla ice cream, or yogurt.)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our First Boxes Will Be Here Soon

 Cedarmore Farm Information Sheet

  We want to let you know that your first pick up of the 2013 CSA season will be this coming Tuesday April 30th.
   Just a short update to let everyone know how things are going here on the farm.  As Andy has mentioned before we are having a late spring.  At this point most of the crops are about two weeks behind schedule.  There is a lot of stuff growing out there but they are just going to be off to a slow start.  Your first few weeks of the season will be very lean as far as produce is concerned.  However, they will be putting in maple syrup, canned goods, eggs or whatever they have plenty of to make up for the shortage in produce.  In next week's produce  box newsletter Andy will give a more detailed explanation on why the crops are running late this season.  In the meantime, please relax and rest assured their crops are looking very good, only they are running a few weeks late this year.

Pick Up Information
If you are going to be out of town and are unable to pick up your box on a certain pick-up date, you can notify us ahead of time. They will skip your share that week and double your share the following week. You are allowed to do this up to three times during the 2012 season.  If you have something come up at the last minute and can not pick up your share at the scheduled time please notify by email and they will contact the pick up location and do their best  to arrange a time that you can pick it up. Andy and Lizzie want to do everything that they can to insure that everyone gets their produce, eggs and canned or baked goods.When you go to your pick-up location to pick up your CSA box, eggs or whatever else you have to pick up, please take time to be sure to pick up your stuff and leave the other people's stuff there. This can cause a lot of confusion and problems if you pick up the wrong stuff. If you are having someone else pick up your share please make sure and let them know that your name will be on the produce box. Eggs should be in a box or crate and will also have your name on them.
   They do ask that you bring back your empty box from the previous week and flatten it and stack it neatly. It will help them out if you return empty egg cartons and berry boxes also. Besides helping keep the CSA costs down, returning containers for reuse helps lessen the impact on the environment as well.
Farm Tour Day
   Andy and Lizzie wants everyone to know that members are welcome to come out and visit the farm. Just let them know when you would like to come out and they will set up a time with you. Just email or use snail mail to get in touch with them.  They also have a farm tour day tentatively  scheduled for June 29th. They will be sending you more information on this later in the season.

  If you have any questions please let them know by writing or emailing.  Thank you and we are all  looking forward to the season.
Cedarmore Farm
12612 Turley Lane
Hillsboro, OH 45133

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Quick Trip To The Barn

I went out to the barn to see the animals and got a lesson on tack.  Each leather piece has a specific job.  Each time the tack is taken off the horse it is replaced the same way to the wall...the same way it was taken off.  Andy says all farmers do it the same way. That way if one farmer goes to a different farmers barn, he doesn't have to look for what he needs.  It is in the same place it would be in his barn.
I thought this floppy horned cow was funny.

Rows, and rows and rows of garlic.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring News From The Farm

The following is the newsletter that Andy had sent to all the CSA Shareholders. 
 Cedarmore Farm Spring Newsletter
  Greetings everyone! Spring is finally here! At least that's what the purple martins are telling me now that they've arrived from their winter homes. We spotted the first ones two days ago and they've been hanging out by the gourds that we've provided for them. They are probably 10 days later than they were last year which makes sense. Everything else seems to be later this year too.
  We've had a wet and colder than normal March, delaying us in getting our crops planted. At this time we are about 2 weeks behind schedule. We still need one more day of sun and no rain in order to be able to get back into the fields to work the ground and plant. The farmer in me is getting really anxious to get out there and get some stuff planted. But it simply doesn't pay to work the ground while it's wet. It causes compaction in the soil and then nothing does well.
  Hopefully the weather will remain dry for enough days for us to get very busy working the ground and planting and everything that goes with it.
 I mentioned that we are about 2 weeks behind schedule. Now some of you are probably wondering how that will affect the harvest. At this point my guess is that the first few weeks of the season will be rather lean. However I've been farming long enough to know that if we get good enough weather in April we could easily gain back everything that's been delayed up until now. Like I said it will depend on the weather like farming always does. We will do what we can to make this a good buy for you.
  On a positive note we had a very good year for maple syrup. All the freezing and thawing we had this winter made for a lot of maple syrup. Perhaps we'll have to substitute some maple syrup if we don't have the desirable amount of produce those first few weeks.
  For those of you who visit the  Cedarmore farm blog you'll notice that the Spring and all season shares we are now selling begin on the last week of May which makes a 6 week Spring season instead of our normal 10 weeks. We want to let all those who have purchased Spring and all season shares know that your start date will still be April 30th for Tuesday pick ups and May 3rd for Friday pick ups and you will get a full 10 weeks of the Spring share. We are currently selling a 6 week Spring share because of the crops being delayed by the cold wet weather.
  The little greenhouse which we built back in January is still working out very well. We have a large wood stove set up in it so everything is growing well although it is nearly overflowing with plants that are ready to plant out. We are also building another larger greenhouse to plant tomato plants into. This one should be ready to go in a few days. Thank  You again all of you for your donations last year to help us replace the one that was lost in the big wind storm last Summer. We really appreciate your help and have used the money toward these two greenhouses. Wishing you all a happy and enjoyable season with us this year.
  Thank You,
   Andy H. Hershberger

I am so looking forward to the first delivery that is coming up really soon.  I'm planning a trip to the farm in a few weeks and I will be excited to see the differences in the fields and in the greenhouses.

Friday, April 12, 2013

'Growing' Chickens In The Greenhouse?

This is the second greenhouse Andy was about to build from the generosity of the CSA shareholders.  Right now it is housing chickens.  Chickens, you might be wondering?

The brown chickens are the egg layers and the pretty grey ones will be dinner at some point. They are now living in the greenhouse because they are being used to fertilize the land.  The frame is built on skids.  The horses are hooked up to the greenhouse and are able to pull it to another section of the field when the chickens continue to do their job. 
When the time is right the ground will be tilled up and buckwheat will be planted.  It is considered a cover crop.  The buckwheat will then be plowed under to be used as fertilizer to balance the soil.  Eventually it will be another garden plot.
I think he is too pretty to eat.  Andy just shakes his head and laughs at me when I say things like that.

Friday, April 5, 2013

One New Greenhouse

The old greenhouse is still somewhat standing.  It can't be used for anything.  Andy hopes to have a frolic in a few weeks to get the big greenhouse up.  You ask...what is a frolic?  It boils down to an Amish work party.  Andy and Lizzie invite men and women from the community to help rebuild Usually the 'helpers' have had a frolic at their place and it is a way of Paying It Forward.
 The good news is that this is the starter greenhouse.  The seeds are planted and nurtured here.  The best part about this greenhouse is that it is closer to the house.  At night when Andy needs to stoke the fire, when it is really cold out, he doesn't have to go as far as he did when they were using the larger greenhouse.  It is nice for Lizzie and the children also.  Easier to keep track of the little ones playing on the front porch.

Cabbage, chard and some other things I can't remember

But I do know that these are tomatoes.

I love the way that materials that have lost their first use are now repurposed into something else.  The black on the door just happens to be old soaker hoses.  The hoses give more support where it is needed.  The blue barrel is full of water that is drawn from the well and then it is used to water the plants.

Andy watering the zucchini.

The big stove that keeps the greenhouse warm.  And the yellow thing is a thermometer.

The small brown door when where Andy stokes the fire.  That way no warm air escapes when the doors are opened like in the old greenhouse.

The life of a farmer is a hard one.  There are so many variables that must be considered.  I know that I would not like having to get up two or three times a night to put wood on the fire to keep the plants warm.  I'd want to be warm under my covers in a nice warm house.
Andy is getting anxious to be in the fields but the weather is not permitting much of that now.  Soon, very soon things will be underway and our boxes will be delivered.