Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday's Visit

It has been a long time since I have been on the Farm.  It felt great to be back at my happy place.  I was greeted by Sim (the big black, not scary, watch dog)  I opened the door and the guineas greeted attacked me.  Not really attacking me, just running as fast as they could to the van door.  The clucked (if that is what they do) and then were off to something else.  I think they might have some ADHD tendencies!
But the greeting I got when I opened the front door made my heart really happy!  All the kids, except the baby, came running!  Chattering in Pennsylvania Dutch, of which I know very little, but I am learning, they attached themselves to my legs.  I eat it up!  Lizzie had five pair of black shoes lined up on the table and most of them had a spit shine.  Tomorrow is church.  She finished that and handed me Lovina.  She has grown so much but she is still like a little baby doll.  And I got a peek at her hair.  It is pretty long and has a little bit of red in it.  She must get that from Andy because his beard has a little bit of red in it.  She wasn't feeling to well.  Lizzie thinks that she has a earache.  While I was holding her Lizzie got some medicine ready for her.  First she got two of Andy's handkerchiefs and folded them into little squares, just the size to cover Lovina's ears.  She then placed them on the stove to get warm.  While they were warming Lizzie got a jar of menthol and camphor.  Oh the smell was so 'clearing' smelling Vick's VapoRub.  Lizzie then began rubbing it all around Lovina's little ears.  Then she covered the ears with the warmed handkerchiefs and then she placed a little think cap on her head and safety pinned it on.  It took less that 2 minutes for her to settle down and go to sleep.  Thinking I could use some of this stuff.
Andy and I went out to walk around the farm...which you can read about coming up later this week.

And I Thought I Was Busy!

I got this letter this afternoon in the mail...

Hello Jan,
Greetings from the farm.  This leaves me Tuesday morning.  Andy left for Hillsboro and our helper is pulling taps today.  So that will be the end of another sap season.  I made pumpkin pies this morning and the bread dough is rising.  My baby is sleeping so I want to wash Anna's hair and braid her when I am done here.  Anna and Dennis are carrying wood and I am holding Moses.  I am hoping to do the laundry this afternoon.  Last Friday we did a beef at Adam's and this week we made bologna so I need to stuff those into cans this week.  Tomorrow is a quilting bee for the community woman so I want to go help with that.  The children are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday the 16th.  X-cuse my scattered letter.

I love the way she writes. I love that she takes time out of her very busy, jam packed days to take the time to write to me.  I appreciated it more than she could ever know.  When I read her letters I see what she is writing about in my head.   I can see the helper with the horse and wagon in the woods behind the house pulling taps.  I can feel the warmth of the house because of the pies in the oven.  The the yeast smell of the bread...makes my mouth water.  I know where the wood pile is.  I can see Anna telling Denis what to do...she is such a good big sister.  And the bologna is delicious!  My ears perked up when I read quilting bee in the community) to get invited to that (might have invited myself to the next one)  And all those sweet little faces with their caps and hats on.  Nothing better than knowing they are waiting for me.  Can you feel the love?  I can!

Deadline for CSA Shares

I got word from Rue last week and then Andy on Saturday that the new sign-up deadline for the CSA is now April first.  As it stands I believe there are already 115 shares.  Andy hopes to have 150 for the Spring Share .  With more organic Amish families becoming involved in the growing part, Andy feels that the CSA can have enough produce for 175 shares.  So if you have been waiting to sign-up better not wait much longer.  I am here to tell you that it is worth every single cent you spend.  If you need any info, please email Rue (he lives just down the road from the farm and he is our computer/go between.  He will let Andy and Lizzie know of your plans.) at