Sunday, November 22, 2015

Two And Four Legged Friends

All the kids and I were having a bit of fun with this grasshopper.  They thought this silly English lady would be afraid of a grasshopper.  Nope this one.  I've caught a many grasshopper and even baited a few hooks with them in my day.  I think I might have passed the test.

These are the pullets...meaning they are babies.

Then we have the egg machines.  I'm guessing they are Golden Comets.

These are the meat birds...which means Sunday dinner birds.

This is the rodent catcher and large animal scare away protector.  His name is Rover.  Or is it Fritz!  He is the sweetest little thing.

And then here is the other dog.  Rover, Fritz?  When you drive up he great you with a bark and a wagging tail.

The milk cow, Daisy.

There are three farm cats.

And for good reason the pigs don't have names.

I didn't get pictures of the four horses....Blondie, Barbie, Jewel, and Ruby.  Oh and the rabbits are Judy, Balckie, and Chocolate Drop.  Maybe the next trip I can catch them.

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