Sunday, November 1, 2015

Made A Visit To The Farm

Got to spend a little time on the farm on Saturday.  John was out of town so i got to play with the kids and visit and have some girl talk with Anna.  While Anna was feeding the baby the kids took  me around the farm and showed me what was new and talked to me about how the boxes are packed.

The new Packing Barn is finished and in working order.  They are so excited about it.  There are still plans to add a shop for John and insulate it and add a stove for heat.  It is really nice.  The kids were showing me everything in it including opening the barns doors to explain how the truck is loaded for the boys that are hired to drive to all the drop off spots.

The vegetable washer.  And the porch adds as a place to hang clothes to dry.  I got a blow by blow in Pennsylvania Dutch as to how it works from Andy, John and Anna's oldest son.  It's a really good thing that I already knew what it was!

Drying tables.  Right now they are filled with onions.

Sometimes they use the baby scales to weight vegetables if someone orders a special order of a certain number of veggies.

This is a far cry from the space that they used in the basement of the house.  It is at least twice as big as the area that Andy, Lizzie, and their workers has at the old Cedarmore location.

We went out into the fields and checked out the greenhouses.  I even got a tour of the barn and met all the animals, new and old.  I will save all that for a few other blogs later in the season.

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