Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just A Fun Visit...No Work Today

Headed down Rt 131 towards Hillsboro and Cedarmore Farm this morning.  The weather is finally turning cooler but it spit rain the entire way.  Seemed like such a slow drive.  But when I pulled into the lane I saw little faces peeking out the window.  That made me smile.

I took a different road today.  I love how you can see the farm from way down the road.  Those sheep I believe belong to Gideon, Andy and Anna's brother.

Now that is a big wood pile.  I asked John how long it would last.  He said that it all depends how cold the winter is.  these slabs will be used for heating water to cook and bathe with.  And it will keep the plants in the greenhouse warm all winter and spring.

When I go I try to bring something special for us to do.  Today we learned how to blow bubbles.  I even showed them my claim to fame...blowing a bubble inside a bubble.  They were so impressed!

Anna knows that I love popcorn.  Today she made some caramel popcorn.  Was it ever delicious!!!  Everytime she opened the oven little hands reached in and got a handful of hot gooey popcorn.  The kitchen smelled sooooo delicious!

I even got a little bag for the ride home!

I learned that the community will be growing by two families in the spring.  John's brother and his family are moving to Hillsboro as well as one of his brothers.  I think between the two families there will be 14 children added to the community.  They may need to add on to the schoolhouse.

John and two of the boys left to go to Marshall for an auction.  So Anna and I just sat and talked for a bit and then I helped sweep up all of the popcorn that managed to land on the floor.

My 'Amish' lesson went okay... I think I passed with a C.  I still need to practice the words that I have because they didn't give me any new ones.

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  1. Mm I can practically taste that yummy looking caramel popcorn! Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)


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