Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Things Are Getting Back To Normal

Vacations are over and little fun adventures with the grandkids so hopefully blogging on Tuesday will get back on track.  It bothers me when I don't get them up.  Feel like I am letting Andy and Lizzie down.  They work so hard at making sure everything is great for the CSA customers...I just want to do my little part to help them.
The weather has been dry lately, although they had some really nice rains in the last 24 hours.  Andy went ahead and set up the irrigation system, so they will be ready to pump water in case there is a drought. 
The onions are all now harvested and on racks to dry.  So far the new drying system is working out really well.  Hopefully the new system will keep the onions dry through the winter.  Only time will tell.  Since the onion crop did so well, we can expect to get onions from now until the end of the fall season.  Hopefully we can use them as we get them but if there is an abundance there are several ways to store them.  Either put them in mesh bags and hang them up or lay them out in layers, one by one.  If space is an issue, you can probably go two or three layers deep.  Either way you do it be sure to store them in a cool dry place where temperatures don't fluctuate too much.  Another option is freezing.  (See the Recipe Of The Week)  There are a few CSA members who store their onions like this and they use them in soups and stir fries.   Great for all those winter soups and stews.
Field tomatoes are picking up and the hoop house tomatoes are slowing down.  That puts us in between right now.  Most of the tomatoes that we will be getting from here on out will be field tomatoes.

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