Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Little Late

We were on vacation for the delivery of the first box of the Summer Share.  Looks like a great box of goodness. This one just happened to be left on the front porch.  Someone forgot to pick up.  But no worries I have been able to save everything and this box from last week will go out with the box this week.

The Andy's are so excited to be able to provide good food to all the newcomers to the Summer Shares of the CSA.  We hope that you newcomers will enjoy the food as well as the experience.

Crops are looking really good.  The sweet corn and cantaloupes are both coming soon.  Unfortunately due to the winter weather, the blackberries are not going to be near the crop that they were last year.  The extra cold weather really did a number on them.

Onions are being harvested now and they are trying a new way to store them.  Andy is always looking for the most affective way to farm.  He will be trying a new way to store them this year.  In years past the onions would be pulled up out of the ground and left in the fields to dry for a few days.  Then they were placed in mesh bags and hung in the shed.  But Andy noticed that a lot of them were going bad.  This year they are making racks to put them in so they will have no onions laying on and crowding out others.  We will have to wait and see if this is a good idea or not.

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