Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eggpalnt and Cantaloupe This Week

The Andy's and all the workers are busy on the farm.  I think it might be the busiest they have been this season with weeding, picking, canning, storing and planting.  the planting is to make sure that they have enough produce for the rest of he Summer Shares and into the Winter Shares.  I love what Andy says about the weeds...'with all the rain that we have had there is quite a bit of weed pressure'.  Seems like I might not be the only one that can't seem to stay ahead of all the weeds.

Got word that the bluegills are biting at Rocky Fork Lake.  Sounds like the weeds will get a break for a day.  A fishing and picnicking they will go.  Something I experienced last year when I got to spend the day fishing...we English mostly fish for the sport while the Amish do it to survive.  They are putting food on the table for the family as well and getting to spend a little time away the chores of the farm. Not to mention a little time of fellowship.

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