Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farm Day 2014

It was a hot day on the farm.  Lots of sweating.  Lots of smiles.  And lots of fun!

 This year things were just a little different.  We started out at Highland Haven Farm for a covered dish lunch and then a speaker.  After touring Highland Haven, we took a hay wagon ride back down to Cedarmore where Andy showed us around the farm.

Throwing zucchini to the pigs was a big hit with the kids.  Poor pigs thought...some of the kids tried to hit them with the zucchini.

We learned how all the vegetables are washed on this big green and white washer.  Then we went into the basement and Andy showed and explained the assembly line process that takes place when filling the CSA boxes each week.  And I told everyone how I came to  know The Andy's and became a part of the CSA.  Out of the blue I just started talking, which is unusual for me.

We got to see chickens and turkeys.

This little farmer was trying his hand at plowing the fields.

Potatoes are looking good.

Sweet potatoes fine also.

The fields are green and flourishing.

Even with the heat I think it was a great day!  I again came away with some new farming secrets (going to go harvest my garlic in a minute) and the best lemonade recipe I have even had.  Lizzie put Anna and I in charge of making the  lemonade the Amish way.  We are already discussing what we can do to improve for next year.
If you weren't there, sorry you missed a great day.  Maybe you can make it next year.  Or if you want to visit just email Rue and cedarmorefarm.gmail.com and he will go down the road and give The Andy's your request.
I always kick myself for not taking enough pictures. 

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