Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Threes A Charm

I finally got to see Justin and the boys.  And if they could get any cuter I just couldn't stand it.  They have grown since last fall.  And gotten stronger because they can carry an added box to the porch this season.  They don't say to much but the grin from ear to ear!

The weather seems to be making the produce look even better this year.  The colors in the boxes are so vivid...all the shades of green and red this week.

lettuce, zucchini, strawberries, Swiss chard, field greens and I got spinach instead of spicy greens. (Andy knows they aren't my favorites)

I was so excited to see the strawberries!  Andy has a farmer that provides these to the CSA.  And as long as the season lasts, so will the strawberries in our boxes...he thinks maybe for another month.  I am always thrilled to see them come and sad to see them go.  If you would like extras, those are available, while supplies last, by emailing Cedarmorefarm@TDISP.  They will be delivered with you box the next delivery.  Please allow at least three days to order.  Or you can even order them 'snail mail' by writing to Cedarmore Farm, 12612 Turley Lane, Hillsboro, KY 45133.  Please allow a few more days for the mail to arrive to the farm.  The orders will be delivered with your CSA box at your regular pick-up location.  The price is $4.00 a quart and if you get 10 or more the price is reduce to $3.50 a quart.  They will bill you at the end of the month for the extras.

And if all that green and red goodness what not enough....pumpkin bars.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  I know that come Thanksgiving time these (lots of these) will be on my to order list!  My mouth is doing back flips.  I had to sorta hide them last night in my secret hiding place so we would have some for dessert tonight.

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