Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Second Box...YUMMMMMM

I haven't gotten a chance to talk to Justin and his helpers yet...I am always away from where I can look out the window when they come.  I am going to try to catch him in a few weeks when the yahoos aren't here.  Again, my box makes me smile this week!

The weather in Hillsboro has been fairly warm lately with a good bit of rain, much like our areas around Cincinnati.  This seems to be good growing weather...but just a bit on the wet side.  I know my flowers and grass are loving it!  And the yahoos are loving all the puddles.  As you probably remember, last winter was rather warm. Andy said that he talked to one old timer and he said that it is the warmest winter in this part of the country that he has seen in his lifetime.  Saying all of this to let you all know that this crazy weather will affect the crops on the farm this summer...both positive and negative.  On the negative side, Andy and Lizzy had planted some lettuce and some other types of greens last fall and because of the weather they started to bolt back in March when the weather was so warm.  They ended up losing over half of those crops.  And then on the positive side, the warm weather in March got all the plants that were planted this spring off to a good start.  Which is good for us because there will be a bunch a produce in the next few weeks, especially lettuce and Andy's favorite, spicy greens. (I am in search of a way to use these spicy greens in a recipe or find a dressing for them)  Andy always looks on the bright side of things..because things usually balance out and work in the end.  He thinks things are looking up for the upcoming CSA season.

Our boxes are filled to the brim yet again!  The large green oblong vegetable is Chinese cabbage.  There is asparagus, green onions, butter head/butter crunch lettuce, a bag of spicy greens and a bag field greens and some radishes.

I am trying the Recipe Of The Week for dinner tonight.  I'll let you know what the food critics at my house think of it. 

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