Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And The Goodness Just Keeps Coming

The weather on the farm has been good but a little bit more dry would be nice.  Andy talked to the strawberry grower, Jacob Yoder, and he said that they have lost some of the strawberry crop due to the wet weather earlier in the month.  He seems to be a bit concerned that there might be a shortage of strawberries later on in the season.  So they are praying for some warmer drier weather to straighten things out.

The dark green curly leafed vegetable is kale.  There is a head of lettuce and a head of Chinese cabbage.   Some zucchini and green onions.  And those great strawberries! Andy thought it might be a good idea if he and Lizzie helped us out when cooking all these green vegetables.  Some of them I am familiar with but some of them I am stumped.  I either have to get word to Andy and Lizzie, email Rue or look it up on the Internet.  Give me a few more seasons and I will know them all....hopefully!

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