Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Love A Good Surprise

Broccoli was a surprise to me!

Things are still busy on the farm.  John has been busy plowing and sewing cover crops, while Anna has had a busy week canning applesauce, vegetable soup, grape juice and a lot of other things.

The weather has been dry at the farm.  Just the other day it rained not a quarter of a mile down the road and not a drop at Cedarmore.  With no rain, they have had to irrigate from the pond.

This weeks delivery marks the last week of those picking up Summer Shares John and Anna want to thank all those that have been getting boxes and hope that you will consider getting them again next year.  

Those who have the Fall Share or the All-Season Share will be getting 10 more weeks of produce.  As it looks now there should be a bountiful harvest.  Sweet potatoes and winter square are looking good.  Turnips, radishes, cabbages, and greens are growing well also.  

My first apple pie of the season!

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