Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Week Of 2013

The first box of the season! And as you can see the box is pretty light on the produce this week.  But there are some really good things that are a surprise to help fill the box..

green onions, rhubarb, maple syrup, bread, pickles, eggs, ramsons
It is so difficult these few first week of the CSA to fill the boxes to overflowing.  But I promise you that those days are coming.  Andy has some asparagus but not enough for everyone this go around.  They are always trying to be fair and give everyone their equal share.  Sometimes it take a few weeks with the way things grow at the beginning of the season. The extras that we have in our boxes, like bread, eggs and maple syrup, would not be in our boxes.  These things can be ordered each week.  Just make sure to  give them about three days notice before your delivery date. It is pretty simple to cedarmore farm with your order and Rue will see that Andy gets your request. Then you will be billed at the end of the month for the extra items. This box contains a loaf od bread that was baked by some of the girls in the community.  The eggs come from Andy and Lizzies young chickens.  When the chickens mature the eggs will be larger.  We enjoy our egg share.  Nothing like a good yellow egg.  They are beautiful!  And taste just as good, and I am not an egg eater, so that is saying something. 
Please remember to return you empty boxs, egg containers and empty jars to your pick up location next week, as they are reused week to week.  And please try to remember to keep the pick up location as orderly as possible.  Unfold and stack your empty boxes in an out of the way place.
Andy and Lizzie think that the vegetable will pick up in a week or so.  They are growing lots of  good things but because of the weather that we have had, the vegetables are a little behind.  Andy's last words in the weekly newsletter...'Thank you all for joining us this year.  We hope you enjoy the food as well as the experience.  We'll do our best to make this a good buy for you."

I always have a bit of trouble remembering year to year what some of the vegetables are.  Usually Andy leaves me a little note in my box or I email Rue for some vegetable ID.  These are what the Amish call ramsons.  When I look them up in my vegetable identifier book, they are called ramps or wild leeks.  They look a little to some like a green onion.  But they have a more assertive garlic-onion flavor.  I am going to use them like I would an onion.

Lizzie knows my soft spot.  Well, maybe actually maybe Mark's...pumpkin bars with frosting and of his favorites!

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