Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It sure is wet on the farm.  I think they might have gotten more rain that we have here in
'the city'.  According to Andy the produce seems to be doing fine...but the weeds are doing just as well!  And that is not a good thing for anyone's garden.  The real challenge now is trying to find the window to work where it isn't raining and not to muddy to work the fields.  Hopefully in the near future the sun will come out and the winds will blow to help dry things out so more produce can get in the ground and time for Andy and crew 'to get after those weeds'.
The zucchini is ripening really well.  I have had a few comments about how early we are getting the zucchini.  I say, bring it on...you can never have enough zucchini bread in the freezer!

zucchini, zucchini bread, kale, green onions, lettuce, radishes, peach butter, and a dozen eggs
This week we have a bunch of kale.  Yum!  It is the purplish stemmed, long stemmed greenish stuff.  Lizzie was able to get us a recipe for kale and chicken soup that sounds pretty good.  We like to make kale chips also.  Just google it or type it into the search box at the right...so easy and delicious!  Does anyone else have a recipe using kale they would like to share with the rest of us?
The produce supply is picking up but Andy still feels that the boxes are still a little light.  Since they have plenty of eggs to share...we all get to have some in our boxes.  Nothing like a good organic brown egg!  This could be the last week we see any extras in our boxes.  It was great while it lasted.  And what a nice gesture from Cedarmore Farm.

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