Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strawberries Are Here!

Andy is so excited (and so is Justin, the driver) about having strawberries in our boxes this week!  Andy was just sure they wouldn't be ready until next week.  He is not complaining and neither am I.  When he looked back at his records from last year, the strawberries were even two weeks earlier then now.


This week we have a large head of Chinese cabbage and a head of lettuce.  Some of the boxes have a small bunch of asparagus and a few zucchini.  If your box didn't have these you will most likely be getting some next week.  Andy tries extremely hard to even things out the best he can.

 Please Andy writes  the newsletter a few days before the boxes are packed.  So he is really trying to predict what we will be getting.  That hand written newsletter is then hand delivered to Rue and Susan.  They type it us and print it for Andy and then they hand deliver it back to Andy and Lizzie so they can put one in every CSA box.  It is not as easy as it might sound.

We love the egg share!

This weeks baked good is a cherry pie!
Zucchini relish is something new to me.  I guess I will be trying it on just about everything.
FYI...One of the neighboring farmers who also grows using the same organic methods as Cedarmore Farm, have some extra strawberries.  If you would like to order some for next week, please email the farm at cedarmorefarm@tdisp.com with your order.  They are $4.00 per quart or $3.50 a quart if you order 10 or more. On extra orders like this they will keep a tab on what is ordered and then bill you at the end of the month.

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