Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Short But Sweet

Not too much in way of news from the farm today.  Andy wants to let the people who joined the summer shares that he hates to see them go because this will be their last box.  But if you have an All Season Share for the CSA you have 10 more weeks.

There was a good rain last night so that should really help the fall crops take off.  As far as Andy can tell there should be a good crop for the fall season.

Lots of good vegetables this week...again the box is jammed.  And for those of you that are new like I was, the big yellow thing is spaghetti squash.  It can be cooked just like any other winter squash.  I had to look it up.

I got a letter from Lizzie in my box today.  She has been really busy canning.  Tomatoes are coming out her ears.  And she is thankful that there will be no more to can because the rest will go to the pigs.  Today she was in the process of canning 2 bushels of concord grapes and two bushels of apples.

They got some bad news yesterday.  Andy's dad was injured in a car-buggy accident.  He has a broken back and some broken ribs.

Fluffy is doing well but continues to escape from her pen.  We are trying to figure out how to make it safe for her.  She gets out and runs loose in the yard.  The kids are worried that the dog or cat might catch her...and that would be a really bad thing.  Pray for Fluffy.

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