Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yummy Surprise

Strawberry Season has arrived!  And according to Andy, it looks like a descent crop...even if they are running a little later this season.  Keep your fingers crossed for the weather to stay  warm so the produce will pick up.  If so maybe we will be getting two quarts in our boxes next week.  Zucchini is starting well.  If you didn't get any in your box this week, you will next week.  This year Cedarmore is trying their green thumbs on peas.  In the next few weeks we should be getting some of those.  These are the kind of peas that you can eat the entire pea...pod and all or shell them and just eat the peas.  We grow them in our garden and they are beyond delicious...and I don't even like peas!

IMPORTANT INFO TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS...Summer and Fall Shares are available.  Summer Shares start the second week in July and run for 12 weeks.  They are available for $180.00.  Fall Shares ($170.00) start the first week of October and run for 10 weeks.  Check the blog about last years boxes and recipes.  You can search by month and year. (June 2013)

Just a reminder to please return you empty boxes, jars and egg cartons to your pick up location.  Just leave your empty box when you pick up you full box.

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