Monday, May 5, 2014

First Box Of The Season Arrives This Week!

I am so excited that I will probably be waiting on the porch for the drivers to drop off the boxes.  I know that Andy and Lizzie are always concerned about the contents of the first few boxes.  So this week we get an extra little treat...a small jar of maple syrup that is harvested and cooked on the farm.  It is a unique process.  If you search the blog you will be able to read about the process..  If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out on a really sweet little treat.  We love it in our house.  So much so I have to sort of hide it so it will last longer.  And there will be some organic puffed corn as another little added bonus.  I never had it but I am up for the challenge. The puffed corn is grown and processes by Monroe Stutzman on his farm in Holmes County, Ohio.  The Andy's eat it just as you would any other cereal.  But they  use a little maple syrup as sweetener.
Andy and Lizzie and their helpers do everything that they can to grow enough produce for the start of the CSA but with the colder days that we had, the produced slowed when growing.  Once the warm weather sets in our boxes will be hard to close.  So enjoy the little extras this week.

Lizzie usually attaches a recipe with each newsletter.  But I am guessing that with four little ones and the new CSA starting this week, she simply ran out of time.  I am sure there will be something next week.  If you should have a recipe that you would like to share, that would be great.  Just email it to me ( and I will pass it along the next week.
Thanks for joining us and enjoy the boxes!

-----The shipment of puffed corn did not arrive in tome to get in this weeks box.

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