Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week Two

The crops are still coming in slow.  It might be another week or two before things really start to pick up.  Please be understanding and patient.  Andy and Lizzie would love to be able to fill each of our boxes to overflowing each week.  But since we had a night that was 17 degrees they lost some plants that were already in the field.  The cabbage and broccoli were the most effected.  Fortunately all the tomatoes, peppers, squash, and zucchini plants were still in the heated greenhouse.

This week as a filler we are getting some organic puffed spelt from the same farm the corn comes from.  We also got a jar of tomato chunks.  Hopefully the yield will increase in the coming weeks.

Last Fridays deliveries were about 4 hours behind schedule because the van broke down.  Andy is thankful that the CSA members receiving boxes that day were very understanding.  It is definitely a process.  You may not realize that Rue does all communications between the Amish and the English for the CSA.  Because Andy and Lizzie have no access to a phone or computer. All email are printed at Rue's house, driven down the lane to the farm and Andy answers them there.  Rue returns home and forwards the answers to the English asking the questions.

Because this is such an ordeal and Rue knows most of the answers to the questions...Rue will be answering the questions.  They will be signed 'Cedarmore Farm'.  That way there is less headaches for Rue, Andy won't have to come out of the field to talk to Rue, and hopefully things will go more smoothly.

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