Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Those Are Some Really Big Radishes

This is the first week of the fall share.  And once again the boxes are packed really full. Must be all the good weather we have been having.  And had been surprised with the moisture that he has found in the ground while digging sweet potatoes,  He thinks the cooler weather and the shorter days keeps in moisture in the ground longer.

The fall crops are still looking good.  There should be a good sweet potato harvest this year.  The regular potatoes are looking just a s good.  Andy says that tomatoes are starting to slow down but we are still getting lots.  He seems to think they are slowing down a few  weeks sooner than he thought they would.  There is a large patch of green beans that they are starting to hardest from.  He is hoping they will last until the frost.

In this weeks box you will find a large leafy green leaf with red stems.  That would be Swiss chard, my all time favorite vegetable in the entire world.  The long red vegetable with green leaves that looks like a radish on steroids, is actually a "Shunkyo" radish.  It is a little more spicy than most radishes.  More mild radishes will be coming later in the fall. 

If you have a moment, please take the time to email Rue and he can let Andy how you are liking your boxes.  If you have any questions or suggestions.  Any feedback is helpful.  If you would like to send along a recipe to share, please email me.  Both email are listed on the right side of the blog.

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