Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fluffy Has A Friend

Anna is going to start raising rabbits to sell to make a little money.  So I drove to my favorite rabbit pick up spot (Jamie Kinner's in Batavia) and picked up a male brown mini Rex.  Just so happens that the Kinner's use to own a coffee shop in Batavia that was a CSA dropoff.  And Adam, Andy's brother dresses chickens for the Kinner's.  And Jamie went to school with my next door neighbor.  Very small world around here.  I met Jamie thru FreeCycle about a year ago.

Fluffy didn't come out to meet Chocolate Drop.  This is home sweet home for the rabbits and all the little bunnies to come...a reused, recycled, repurposed chicken coop and run.  I love that.  And an added bonus, Sem, the watch dog.

Anna from this day forward will be known as my Cedarmore Blogger Assistant.  She suggested that we go out in the yard and take some pictures of all of her growing things.  These are her knockout roses.

She suggested a close up.  And after every shot she has to okay the pics.

Her sad sunflowers.

The birds are enjoying them.  So next year I am going to plant a row of sunflowers over by the chicken coop.  She got me hooked.

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