Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Good Fall Vegetable Harvest

Andy says that Jack Frost came for a visit last week so that means the end to frost susceptible plants.  But he does have peppers growing in the hophouse.  They will show up in our boxes in a few weeks.

Even with the cooler weather, there are still plenty to do on the farm.  Harvesting sweet potatoes is the main chore at the moment. There is a good crop. Andy even dug up a sweet potato that weighed in close to 5 pounds.  Also he noticed that there are plenty of odd shapes and some roughness  on the surface.  He is not sure what has cause that but he suspects it might be a potassium deficiency.  They may look a little different then the ones that you might buy in the store but they should be fine to eat.

During the month of November the farm will be offering a sale on maple syrup.  A 15% discount for any maple syrup orders...any quantity can be ordered.

Some sad news to report...Chocolate Drop got sick and died a few days after I dropped him off.  Andy isn't sure what it was.  But he has heard of other rabbits with the same symptoms.  So I'll visit my friends and pick up a new one in a few weeks.  The kids are so sad.

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