Thursday, July 4, 2013

Farm Day 2013

Andy and Lizzie had things pretty well underway by the time I was able to get to the farm.  All sorts of baked goods, vegetables and baskets ready to sell.  Fresh squeezed lemonade and ice cold water too.

The new chicks were a hit with everyone.

We toured all the new greenhouses.

I wonder if she is seeing tomatoes on the vine for the first time?  That is what Andy and Lizzie hopes to show us "citified Englishers"... good food is grown in the fields and come from the hard work of the farmers...all organically grown.

The weather was a little threatening all day long.  But it did not stop us from having fun!

There are productive bees on the farm now.  They belong to another farmer.  Andy is letting someone in the community use his property and Cedarmore will benefit from having the bees around.  A win-win.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Do you see the small watermelon?  I can hardly wait until they come in our boxes.

field tomatoes

the egg mobile

I was so excited to see the Plymouth Rock that I forgot to take pics of all the kids gathering eggs.

We (the adults) all had our eyes on this big white rooster.  Let's just say that he doesn't play well with others.

From the chickens we headed back to the front yard for a little snack and some lemonade. 

The chocolate chip cookies were a huge success!

A short wagon ride about a half mile to Highland Haven Farm.

Oops, I almost for got the new pigs...

and one of the barn cats.

Everyone that wanted to could try their had at milking.

Then the rains came.  What do you do on the farm when it get out the wagon and play around with it in the rain and in the barn.

We all gave  it a try.  Ellis did well.  I thought I was doing a decent job then I looked over and a 6 year old had me beat. 

After playing and milking it was time to share a meal.  Lots of good food and fellowship!
Another successful Farm Day at Cedarmore!

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