Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Week Of The Summer Share

Andy and Lizzie send greeting to all CSA members new and old.  They are enjoying a nice gentle rain falling on the metal roof.  Good for humans and plants alike.

This is the first week of the summer share. We are always excited to see new members join.  Not only to grow the CSA and help the Amish community in Hillsboro but also because they will be enjoying some really good organically grown vegetables.

If you don't know what the green leafy vegetable with the red and yellow stems is my FAVORITE...Swiss chard.  I could eat it until it comes out my ears!  Andy and Lizzie taught me how to stir fry it and that is how I choose to fix it most of the time.  I will try the Recipe of The Week sometime soon.
I am looking forward to the next few week because Andy figures that cantaloupe, sweet corn and blackberries will be in our boxes.
Just a reminder...please remember to bring back your empty boxes, egg cartons, fruit baskets, and empty canning jars with lids and rings back each week.  Break down the boxes and store then nicely where you pick your box up each week. The boxes are perfectly fine to reuse and by doing so we are leaving less of a carbon footprint in the atmosphere.  Plus it helps the farmers keep the costs down.  Every little bit helps!  Thanks for you help!


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