Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little Vegetable Education

Strawberry season is all but over...that is the June bearing ones.  Later in the fall we should be getting some ever bearing but they don't produce much.  Tomatoes in the green house are picking up.  As you can see we are now getting green beans.  And in a few weeks we will be getting some potatoes.

These long white and green vegetables are leeks.  The leeks can be eaten just like dried garlic.  Only drawback is that it won't keep long.  Andy says that we should keep it in the refrigerator until we use it.  (That sounds and seems so funny coming from him.)
There are still Summer and Fall Shares available.  Please let your friends know that they can join now and get in on all this goodness!  Andy hopes that if you are planning on participation in the Summer Share, you will get the information and payment to him as soon as possible because the Summer Share starts in about three weeks.  Don't miss out by waiting to long.

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