Monday, June 18, 2012

A Great Day On The Farm

Finally 'real people' get to come to the farm and see what I see and feel what I feel every time I go to the's Farm Day at Cedarmore Farm!

The siding is on the house.

Chores on the farm still have to be done even if company is coming.

We first toured the greenhouses.

Albert, the calf, got lots of lovin' all day long.

We walked the fields.

And learned about fallow fields.

Even the purple martin has a job...eating all the small insects that might be harmful to the plants.

When the goats heard and saw us they ran away as fast as they could in the other direction..

We all got to feed the chickens...which was a big hit with the kids, young and old!

Gathering the eggs was fun too!

And there were a lot to gather.

The three little pigs.

Don't get too attached to this cute little face...he will not be named...and you know what that means!

Transportation for the day down to Highland Haven Farm was done by wagon ride.

And one of Lizzie's sisters, Susan, provided buggy rides.

This is the view that I had on the way to the Organic Farm talk at Highland Haven Farm.

After having shared a dinner meal with all of my new Amish friends and my new CSA blog reading looked like we better head for home because a rain was brewing.  Just one big happy family and that it just the way I like it!

We had a great time walking around the farm.  I think Andy was just a little nervous and I don't know enough about Organic Amish farming to talk about.  I could only relate stories that Andy and Lizzie had told me or things I have learned from reading.  

I am hoping that they want to make this a yearly tradition because I know I am ready for it!

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