Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Week Of The Fall Share

The Fall Share begins today.  We have some newcomers so we want to welcome you to the CSA and we sadly say good-bye to others.  We hope everyone has found the CSA to be just what you thought it would be.  Or maybe even a little better.  Thank you for you support.

Tomatoes are coming to and end here and on the farm.  But those beans are busting out all over.  If Jack Frost stays away we could get beans for several weeks.  Broccoli, kale and chard should be ready to harvest soon.

I wish I had been outside when the boxes arrived.  I could have gotten a shot of the van and the drivers.  Maybe next time.  So this is how the boxes come to my front porch.

This is what I do to them.  Sometimes it is just easier to pick  up your entire share when it is all in one spot.  I am so OCD they are of course in alphabetical order.

Lots of yummy fall veggies today.  Can you name them all?

Communication with the Amish is so fun.  It is like going back in time.  Andy always says that letter written are the Amish mail..what we English call snail mail.  Last week I sent a letter to John and Anna asking what weekend would be the best to come and visit.  This is how I got my answer today...taped to the top of my strawberry jam.  I love it when that happens!  It is like going back in time.

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