Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Strawberries

Strawberry season is at it's peak.  And that means that we will be getting two quarts in our boxes!!!!  Thank heavens there are a few other organic growing Amish farmers in the area that want to help with the CSA.  When Justin and his son unloaded the delivery van I noticed that several people took advantage of ordering extras.  There should be extras to order again next week so if you are interested just email cedarmorefarm@tdisp.com with your order.  They are $4.00 a quart or $3.50 a quart if you order 10 or more.  Andy hopes that we will get one more quart in our boxes next week before the strawberry season comes to a close.

 These are scapes. Lizzie uses them in stir fries or just about any other way you can use green onions.  They actually grow out of the tops of the garlic plants.  If they are pruned off the top it actually helps the garlic grow bigger and then you get nicer garlic bulbs.  A lot of farmers throw them aside not realizing they can be eaten.
The kale (green ruffly leaves with purple stems) is a little bug eaten.  That is good and bad.  Remember that these vegetables at Cedarmore Farm are grown organically.  There has been a problem with flea beetles.  The leaves are totally fine to eat.  They just don't look so good.  Andy hopes you understand that there just isn't anything that he can do about it at this point.

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  1. The strawberries were soooo good they barely made it home last night :)


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