Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Delayed Due To A Storm

After a little technical difficulty (no power of any kind for 9 hours) I can finally post about the boxes we received on Tuesday afternoon.

All of my favorites this week.  This was going to be dinner to go along with the crock pot creation I had started.  Then the storm hit and we had no guess what is for dinner tonight?

I could not wait to show you what we got this week...blackberry jam and a blackberry pie.  I think I might just hide them both and sneak and eat them all by myself.  Yummmmmm!

Since the storm that wiped out the greenhouse and the really hot and humid weather that we have been having I have been a little concerned about Andy, Lizzie and the kids, and the farm.  I understand that they are doing well with the help of the irrigation system.  I plan to make a trip out in the next week or so to see for myself.

If you have been reading the blog for every long you probably have realized that Andy is all about education us English about the growing methods on the farm.  He teaches us that every thing starts with a good healthy soil base.  If you have healthy soil you will have healthy plants.  And if the plants are healthy and we eat them like we should the result should be healthy people.  Healthy plants are a  lot less prone to insect and disease pressure.  Just like the human body.  If we maintain good health we are a lot less susceptible to sickness and diseases.

So how does he make sure he has good healthy soil?   They divide their soil building process into three categories: "cover crops", "our farm animals", and "off the farm soil amendments.

I am sure that he will have some other farming techniques to share with us in the next few weeks.


  1. I am thinking of joining a CSA this year. I am just learning about them. Are you a part of the Cedarmore farm or just a member of the CSA? Is it too late to join for this year? If not, how much would it cost and how long does it last in the many more weeks, I guess is what I am asking. Thanks for your help!

  2. Jeanene,
    You can not go wrong with Cedarmore Farm CSA. It is great. And I am a member and I also write this blog. I visit the farm almost once a month. I have learned so much about vegetables, farms and the Amish way of life. If you email, Rue, the computer go between the farm and me and the blog, he can answer your questions and if he can't he will take the questions down the road to Andy and Lizzie to get the answers. I have already forwardered your comment to Rue but an email from you would be nice also. Thanks and good luck


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