Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Rains Have Stopped and The Sun Is Out

There are veggies hiding under the green beans and lettuce...not going to give it away.

I love to visit when Anna and the girls are cooking.  It always smells so good.  Right now the house smells like tomatoes and onions because they are making ketchup and tomato juice.  The next thing they will make and can is vegetable soup.  Anna loves chopping up all the veggies and adding them to the soup.  After it is canned the jars are taken to the basement where they can be kept cool.  Then this winter when they will need some hot soup to warm them up from the cold out it will come.  I imagine there might be some homemade bread to go with it.

John and his boys are out in the field putting up all of the tomato plants.  That is a really hot and itchy job.  They will work hard to get the job done. 

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