Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Surprise Jar This Week

Everyone has a problem with the deer.  They eat our hosta like they are eating from a salad bar.  And so it seems the vegetable of choice for the deer around Cedarmore is the lettuce.  They have eaten about the entire first crop!  But John and Anna were able to give us some Chinese cabbage in the box. this week.

More delicious strawberries, asparagus  (glad we have some because the chickens got into mine), radishes, yellow squash, zucchini (which is delicious when it is grilled), scapes (check the recipe below),  green onions, and a surprise jar of zucchini relish.

Talked to Rue, the new driver and he says that he should be delivering in Milford around 4-4:30 on Tuesdays.  We are his last stop.  Hope one day when he is not in a hurry we can sit on the porch and solve the problems of the world.

Just a reminder:  please bring back you boxes and containers when you pick up your new box.  Please break them down and stack them in the proper place at the drop off area.

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