Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fall Share Still Available

The work Andy, Lizzie and the workers put in never stops.  They are now in the process of planting the fall crops.  So far they have planted, turnips, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, lettuce, kale, chard, red beets, and carrots.  They want to also plant radishes, spicy greens, more lettuce, kale and chard.  there is also a good supply of potatoes, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, and some winter squashes.  So as things looks now there will be a good supply for this fall.  There are still a number of Fall Shares available but it looks like they may sell out in the next few weeks.  If you or your family, or someone you know would like to sigh up to be part of the Cedarmore Farm CSA now would be the time to do that.  The Fall Share starts the first week of October and runs for 10 weeks through the second week in December.  The shares are $170.

I see salsa in my near future.
More info on the growing methods...
Last time Andy talked to us he told us the difference between good soil and bad soil.  It seems to go in cycles.  Farmers that don't take care of their soil will be growing unhealthy plants that are much more prone to diseases and pests.  Then they start spraying on chemicals to ward off the pests.  These same chemicals will also kill the beneficial microbes and the earthworms in the soil.  This makes growing conditions even worse.  And these are the crops that are eaten by the farm animals and humans.  Both animals and humans are likely going to get sick.  So then they will start using antibiotics for the diseases and hormones to make the animals grow faster.  The manure from this animal is put on the fields but now the manure has toxic chemicals and antibiotics in it, killing still more soil life.  Then the next time around stronger chemicals will have to be used.  this makes everything worse.  That is what Andy calls a 'bad cycle'.  Fortunately there is also a 'good cycle' which is one that he intends to practice.  He will tell us more about that in the next newsletter.

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