Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dinner In A Box

This is what I call Dinner In A Box!
I've notice that it is starting to be a little drier around here.  Lots more watering to do.  I have been having to water and vegetables.  Andy says that it is getting drier on the farm also.  They will probably have to start up the irrigation system again.  He is pleased that the crops are showing no signs of distress.
The sweet corn will be coming on in the second patch soon.
Growing Methods at Cedarmore Farm:
Everything starts with the soil. The plants depend on the soil for their survival.  To grow good healthy food the farmers must take good care of the soil.  There is an old saying..."So goes the soil, so goes the farmer."  And Andy would add to that..."so goes the soil, so goes the people."  Food grown in well managed soil will have food with more mineral content.  Unhealthy soil produces unhealthy plants that are prone to deseases and insects.  So food grown in unhealthy soils can be lower in minerals and usually need to be sprayed with toxic chemicals.  These chemicals are harmful to the microbes in the soil.  Andy feels that most of the large farms in our country do not pay much attention to their soils.  I feel sure this topic will be discussed again down the road.


  1. Thank you for starting to post pictures of the box! Usually I don't mind being surprised but I have a hectic week upcoming and want to start my meal planning early. I was literally just about to email to ask what might show up in the box this week but decided to check out the blog first. So thanks again!!!

    1. Glad you enjoy the picture postings. In the beginning of the blog I would have to ask what some of the vegetables were. I have learned a lot


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