Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boxes Are Filling Up

More and more produce is ripening up.  Tomatoes are starting to ripen in the greenhouse.  Peas are still on the menu but just not quite ready yet.  And it looks like the green beans are beginning to ripen as well.

In case you are wondering, as I was the first time those green curly things showed up in my box...the are garlic scapes.  They can be used just as you would use you would a green onion.  The dark green, purple stemmed vegetable is kale.

Just another reminder that Cedarmore Farm Day is coming up on Saturday, June 28th.  An invitation is being extend to everyone that reads this blog.  Highland Haven Farm (Lizzie's brother, Adam and sister-in-law, Iva's  farm) will also have Visit The Farm Day on the same day.  Highland Haven is the farm that has the dairy products, meat chickens and turkeys.  They are only 1/2 mile down the lane.  We will meet at Highland Haven Farm at 11:30 and have a potluck lunch at noon.  They will be providing steak burgers and lemonade.  If you would like to join them for lunch they ask that you bring along a dish of some sort to share.  It could be a desert or some other side dish.  Also please bring tableware for your family as well as folding chairs.  Please take a moment to sign up to attend so Adam will know how many burgers to throw on the grill. 

 At 1pm there will be a speaker, Dr. Renee Norton and she will be speaking on nutrition, diet and good fats vs bad fats.

If you would just rather wait and come to Cedarmore Farm Day come at 2pm and that is fine.  We will be touring the farm, and taking buggy and wagon rides.  Andy would love to talk to you about the growing methods that he uses on the farm as well as the animals and the jobs the do.

Cameras are welcomed but please respect the Amish and their religious beliefs and not take any pictures of them. Anything else on the farm is perfectly fine to take shots of.  And believe me when I say how hard it is to not get a shot of those sweet children that will be running around.  Since there will still be shores to do on the farm we will need to say good-bye to our new friends at 4:00PM.

Mark your calendars and we hope to see you on Saturday, June 28th.

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