Friday, April 5, 2013

One New Greenhouse

The old greenhouse is still somewhat standing.  It can't be used for anything.  Andy hopes to have a frolic in a few weeks to get the big greenhouse up.  You ask...what is a frolic?  It boils down to an Amish work party.  Andy and Lizzie invite men and women from the community to help rebuild Usually the 'helpers' have had a frolic at their place and it is a way of Paying It Forward.
 The good news is that this is the starter greenhouse.  The seeds are planted and nurtured here.  The best part about this greenhouse is that it is closer to the house.  At night when Andy needs to stoke the fire, when it is really cold out, he doesn't have to go as far as he did when they were using the larger greenhouse.  It is nice for Lizzie and the children also.  Easier to keep track of the little ones playing on the front porch.

Cabbage, chard and some other things I can't remember

But I do know that these are tomatoes.

I love the way that materials that have lost their first use are now repurposed into something else.  The black on the door just happens to be old soaker hoses.  The hoses give more support where it is needed.  The blue barrel is full of water that is drawn from the well and then it is used to water the plants.

Andy watering the zucchini.

The big stove that keeps the greenhouse warm.  And the yellow thing is a thermometer.

The small brown door when where Andy stokes the fire.  That way no warm air escapes when the doors are opened like in the old greenhouse.

The life of a farmer is a hard one.  There are so many variables that must be considered.  I know that I would not like having to get up two or three times a night to put wood on the fire to keep the plants warm.  I'd want to be warm under my covers in a nice warm house.
Andy is getting anxious to be in the fields but the weather is not permitting much of that now.  Soon, very soon things will be underway and our boxes will be delivered.

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