Friday, July 15, 2016

Yea For Smart People

I am so thankful there are people that can unweave messes that I create on my computer.  So we are back in business!  Sorry this weeks post is on Friday.  And just to give you a heads up...there won't be a blog entry next week.  But the week after that it should be smooth sailing until the end of the CSA season.

I love it when I can open my box and see everything that is in it.  I was surprised to see a cantaloupe.  Rue said he had 80 cantaloupes in the van to deliver on Tuesday.  I bet that van smelled wonderful  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

This week marks the first week of the Summer Share.  All Season Share members will be piking up as usual.  We say good bye to the Spring Share members and welcome the Summer Share members.

Some of the Summer Share members have been with the CSA in previous years and we appreciate their return and support.  And then there are some new members and this will be your first CSA box ever.  We welcome you and thank you for choosing Cedarmore Farm CSA.  We are glad that you what to experience something new...enjoy your veggies!

Please remember to return your boxes each week.  Also break them down and stack the neatly at the drop off location.  These locations are volunteers and we need to respect their property.  Thanks for your understanding.

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