Monday, May 9, 2016

Pre CSA Start Visit

I was able to make a pre-CSA visit to the farm on Saturday.  When I pull around the road where you first see the fields I saw Andy, John and Anna's 10-year-old son driving these two huge horses through the field.
These horses are huge!  And I worry about our 14-year-old mowing the grass without someone watching.

 always love seeing Amish laundry (any laundry for that matter) flapping happily in the wind.

Laundry everywhere you see.

The cow had a calf!  He is checking out the 'eating' chickens.

Andy was plowing the field to get out all the dirt clods.

Meet Freda (I named her)

And surprise...she has bunnies!  Which they had no idea they were getting.  Andy is pretty excited about it too.  I am getting  a white one when they are old enough.

They don't even have their eyes opened yet.

Now I have to tell on dumb can an English woman be?  We have the same rabbit feeders hanging on the inside of the cages.  They are a pain.  The rabbits knock them off all the time.  Andy looked at me like I was crazy when I got excited about finally seeing the correct way to put te feeder on the cage.  I can straight home and fixed Binker up with the correct...Amish told...way to hang the rabbit feeder.  Oh, the many things I have learned on the farm!

I think this might just be my favorite picture of all.  It is as close as I will ever get to having a picture of my Amish friends.  A Little child's footprint in the dirt.  Precious to me.

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