Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First Box Has Been Delivered

Today is the first Tuesday delivery of the 2016 season!  I have my box opened on the kitchen table and the smell is beyond delicious!

Anna and John sent a newsletter in the box this week.  I m not sure if we will receive a newsletter each week or not.  All depends on how much time John and Anna have time to sit down and get one together.

They are excited about the new season and plan to fill our boxes with quality produce each week.  They will try their best to fill the boxes as equally as possible.

Looking forward to all the sweet smells of goodness that will fill my kitchen.


  1. What kind of greens are in week 2s box? I loved the Chard in week 1 but not sure what this purplish green stuff is.

  2. Just sent you an email, can we still sign up hoping yes! :)


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