Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Day Filled With Laughs And Tears

Yesterday was the day (Jan 12, 2015) that the semis pulled in and were loaded for the haul to MO.  A day that I have been dreading since I read it from a letter Andy sent.  He is a smart man to tell me that way...he knows me well.  The community was there by the time I got there.  Everyone busy as bees.  And I mean everyone.  When I pulled in the littlest boys were carrying boxes and heaving them onto the wagon then the bigger boys would hand them off to the adult men in the back of the semi.  I made a trip to the Vet's office to pick up paperwork for the livestock that will be loaded up today along with the farming things like the greenhouses.  Everything goes!

 Buggies everywhere!  There were at least 20 men loading and that many women in the house packing up.  Then add in about 20 kids all under the age of 6.  School let out early so all the girls and boys from school came to help.  Every young girl had a baby on her hip.  And I was in heaven.  The hustle and bustle all in "Amish" to my ears.  One of my jobs at the end of the day, when they were scrubbing the floors, was to keep the little ones occupied.  We sang nursery rhymes, sang church songs in German and my personal favorite...button, button, who's got the button.  And me may have played a few rousing round of I Spy.
If you look really hard while squinting your eyes you can see the first semi pulling out on the main road.  it is right at the edge of the condensation on the left top about 1/4 of the way down.  It was hard to get a shot and not get any Amish in the picture.

 There it is...the house standing alone and all empty.  I did get a chance to talk to the new owners.  They are a really sweet couple and they have two children.  The 4 year old boy speaks better English than lots of the 4 year old English kids I know.  and Cynthia said I could visit anytime I wanted to.  And you know that I will.
We left the farm around 5:30pm for our drive to Dayton to catch the bus.  A really uneventful ride, except for poor car sick Anna.  She had her bucket ready.  I always feel so sorry for her.  They was a group of them that boarded the bus...Andy, Lizzie the kids, Lizzies' parents, Lizzie's younger brother and one of the workers for Andy.  They all are going to MO to help the unpack and set up souse.  Speaking of houses.  Their house isn't ready so they will be living (and all of their stuff) in a pole barn until they can break ground in the spring.
Departs from Dayton at 7:55pm
Arrive in Indy at 9:40 - departs 10;45pm
Arrive in St. Louis 1:40am - departs 3:10am
Arrive in Columbia, MO 5:25am - departs 5:25am
Arrive in Boonville, MO 5:45am - departs 5:45am
Arrive in Kansas City, MO 7:30am - departs 8:00am
Arrive in Harrison, MO 8:00am - departs 8:40am
Arrive in Rich Hill, MO 9:15am - departs 9:15am
Arrive in Nevada, MO 9:35 am
Then from Nevada, MO to Eldarado Springs it is about a 30 car ride or about an 1 1/2 hour buggy ride.
I have been thinking about them all day long and I have a letter in the mail already for pick up tomorrow morning.  I know they will be busy...too busy to write but I wanted them to have some love from home in their new place.
If you would like to drop them a line, their new address is
The Andy H. Hershberger's
266 East 550 Road
Eldorado Springs, MO
I am visiting with John and Anna Zook in two Saturdays and I will get to know them and take some shots of the new digs for Cedarmore Farm CSA.

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